Sovereignty: supreme power or authority.

“What everyone wants is sovereignty of grief”

I was rendered speechless by this line. We all want sovereignty. Over our lives, over our bodies, over our thoughts, over our grief. Yes. This.

We all want the ability to grieve as we choose. We all want the freedom to speak our truths aloud without being told we are wrong. We all want the power to write our own story.

I want to be allowed to speak of the sorrow or the rage or the happiness or the love or the hate and be supported instead of judged. I want to tell my story, in all its ugly details, and not have people shrink away. I want to be allowed to be silent without being questioned for it.

I want to weep. I want to scream. I want to laugh and be happy. I want to love. I want to hide. I want to love my husband and love my life now. I want to honor my past while living in my present and having hope for my future.

I want sovereignty to be and act in accordance to my truth. I want to speak without fear of judgement. I want to own my grief and my hope, simultaneously. I want to be allowed to love who I love, including my late husband.

I live with sovereignty because I accept nothing less. I choose my life and I choose to be unapologetic about who I am and where I am in my journey and what I want. I am sovereign. I honor all my feelings. I honor myself and my past. I honor my husband. I honor my life.

I am sovereign.

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