There’s a pain you can’t think your way out of…

There is pain that no amount of talking will help. There is pain that there are no words for. Deep, agonizing, inexplicable pain. There is pain that changes you to the very core. There is pain that is so extreme that it changes you on a cellular level. There is pain that makes words come out as screams and screams turn into vomiting and even those things do nothing to alleviate it. There is pain that never heals, you simply learn to carry it with you. There is pain that simply can’t be spoken. There is pain that they don’t warn you about because they can’t. It can only be understood in experiencing it. There is pain so intense that it causes your hair to turn gray overnight. There is pain so profound that it literally breaks both your physical and emotional heart. There is pain that some of us experience that we hope you never have to. There is pain that lives in your bones, permeates your soul and literally nothing is ever the same again.

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