The Greatest Gift 11/19/2019

The greatest gift that I can give to myself and the world is my honesty. The vulnerability to share my truth and my journey. To be real and honest and raw and open. To use my story and my pain to make life better for others. To be unafraid of what people will think. To show the world that you can be messy and all over the place and still be respected and loved and valued. To show people the truth about grief and death and tragedy. To be unashamed of my life or my struggles. To talk about the hard topics and to bring things into the light that otherwise are shoved into the shadows. To talk about uncomfortable topics to make them less taboo. To love the broken and the widows and the depressed. To not turn away when people are hurting and struggling. To sit with people in the dark when they are too tired to look for the light. To acknowledge my own pain and the pain of others. To not spread false positivity and platitudes but listen and validate those who are also hurting. To be real in a world that tells you to be like everyone else and pretend your life is perfect.

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