The Dream Experiment

I am in a large house with my friends. I can hear the voice of my late husband as if he is in the room. I smell him and then I feel him touch my arm. He tells me that he is there but we just can’t see him. He tells me to get thin towels wet and lay them on him so we can see his outline. I do as he asks and then begin to lay them on him. I put the first one on his head and then begin to gently run my hands over his face. I can feel the contours as if he is really there. I start to cry as I realize it is really him. The familiarity of his face takes my breath away. I do this over his whole body and the room is silent as everyone watched him take shape. Everyone is crying, even Bob. He’s there. I can touch him and hear his voice even if I can’t actually see him…

Then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. Its like losing him all over again.

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