Writing Your Grief Prompt #28

Because you loved me, I…..

Am alive. Your love saved my life. In my darkest, most hopeless moments remembering how you loved me kept me from ending my life. Loving myself like you loved me was what prevented me from dying right along with you. Because you loved me, I am here to share our story.

Because you loved me, I….

Am free to follow my purpose. You made sure I would be cared for when you could not hang on any more. You made sure I wouldn’t have to worry so much about finances so I could worry about saving myself. Because you loved me, I’m free to love others. I get to share your love and beauty and brokenness with the world so that, maybe, we can save others.

Because you loved me, I…

Know how to love myself. I didn’t love myself when we met. You taught me how. You gently showed me my value and worthiness. You taught me to put myself first. You made me believe I could do anything. You showed me how to be gentle and kind to myself. You taught me that I was wonderful, just the way I am. Because you loved me, I love myself.

Because you loved me, I….

Will go out and live my life. I can hear you say, “sweet baby, go do all the things. Go have all the things. I wanted you to have all the things.” I’m going to honor our love by loving. I’m going to honor your heart by giving. I am going to honor your sacrifice by living my life the best I know how. Because you loved me, I will really LIVE.

Because you loved me, I….

Will always and forever be grateful. I knew the kind of love that many only ever dream of. There was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that I was the center of your world. The way your face would light up when you looked at me, the way I was often the only thing you could see, was proof of that. I am grateful for your love making me a better, more gentle person. I am thankful I got to walk you home. I will forever be changed for the better by your love. Thank you for loving me. Because you loved me, I know what Love is.

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