Writing Your Grief Prompt #18

For The Grieving

I wish for you love and support on your darkest days. I hope that you have someone who never lets you down and stands in the face of tragedy with you. I hope you find unwavering love surrounding you. I hope your tribe closes around you and that you never feel alone.

I hope you are gentle with yourself. I hope you let yourself feel whatever you feel and grieve in whatever way is best for you. I hope you know that there is hope, even when you can’t feel it. I hope you know that you are loved, even when you’re lonely.

I hope you find the strength to move forward with the burden you now carry. I hope you find ways to laugh again. I hope you have moments where the pain is even ever so slightly less. I wish for you to find peace someday.

I wish for you…

Love. Light. Joy. Laughter. Hope. Peace. Healing. Support. Gentleness. Kindness. Understanding. Strength.

And on the days you don’t have any of those, I hope you know it’s okay to just be still and breathe.

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