Writing Your Grief Prompt #17

“Grief is everywhere”…

It has altered every sense. Everything I see has a tint of grief. Everything I smell has a hint of it. Everything I touch feels a bit like grief. Everything I hear has a note of it.

It’s becoming a part of me. Every beautiful sunset breaks my heart because he will never see another. Every song he loved twists my guts. Every hug or touch reminds me that I will never feel his again.

I almost think it makes me appreciate and notice things more. I wouldn’t have chosen this life but it hasn’t just changed me for the worse. Grief permeating every part of my life has made me more gentle because it hurts. It has made me more grateful for what feels good because it hurts.

It’s going to be a part of me forever. Like the previous writing said, I’m trying to soften into it. I can’t make it go away. I can’t change what is. So, I’m trying to accept the new colors and textures and sounds and smells in my world that will always be influenced by grief.

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