Writing Your Grief Prompt #10

“Evening falling…a soft lamenting…”

The world softens

Fading light

Burning in my skin

Aching in my bones

Nights are worst

Racing thoughts

Hard to breath

Loneliness creeps

Like a prowler

Echoes of joy

Memories of pain

Stillness reminds me

He’s gone away

No goodbye

No reasons why

Now I’m alone

Abandoned by those

Who said I love you

Anger and fear

Scare away rest

Anxiety and depression

My companions

Snuggled in close

Whispering to me

Chasing away sleep

Tears flowing

Drowning in grief

What might have been

What never will be

What once was

What I’m afraid

Never will be again

Why am I here

Where do I go now

Why is this happening

How do I heal

There is no rest

For the grieving

When sleep comes

So do nightmares

Waking up sweating

Tears streaming

Body trembling

Wishing for arms

To comfort me

Wishing for words

To soothe me

Only echoes answer

When I call for help

Holding desperately

To the hope

That I will heal

That I will love

The nighttime again

Smile at the stars

Revel in the moonlight

For now

My bleeding heart

Prefers the day

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